Photography has been a part of my life for a long time now. I have been pursuing the art for more than two decades. I am interested in landscape, nature, as well as urban photography. My work has been shown in various exhibitions, including a solo exhibition in New York City in 2010. My work has been published in Hybrido (quarterly art magazine in New York) and the Bosphorus Art Project Quarterly. I use DSLR camera with zoom and macro zoom lenses. I have a PhD in electrical engineering and I am currently with the Weill Cornell Medical College, where I pursue research on brain networks connectivity. Representative collection of my photos can be viewed at


-East Village, Le Tableau, "Reflections, a perspective of European Cities." October 8 - December 8 2006. Solo

-Patent & Trademark Office, Alexandria, VA. Fall 2007

-CUNY Graduate Center, NYC. December 2008 - September 2009

-Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. "Give Art", December 11 2010 - January 22 2011


-BAP Quarterly, Summer 2006

-Hybrido (quarterly art magazine in New York)

-Cooperative Grocer (an article on a music festival in New York) Fall 2007

-BAP Quarterly vol 5, issue 14, Fall 2010




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